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Top Tips To Choosing Your Next Destination

January 07, 2017

Top Tips To Choosing Your Next Destination

So you've made the brilliant New Year's travel resolution and it is time to pick a destination. But then a problem arises. What places do you visit first and which ones do you leave out? There are just so many options. Your wanderlust and imagination say yes, but time and money say no. So how do you make the decision on your best travel destination?

Create a short list

Here you will definitely have to prioritize. There are those destinations you mildly want to visit and there are those you lose breath just thinking about. This forms the basis for the short list. You then need to decide on the destinations that take the greatest priority over the rest. If you do not have any pre-planned destinations, then ask for recommendations from those who have quenched their aching wanderlust, about the destinations they visited.


As always, one of the first considerations that you have to make is based on your budget. Eliminate the destinations on your short list, based on your budget. If they are too expensive, then strike them off the list. Remember that the budget should also include unexpected expenses and emergency costs. You'll need to use your imagination to dream up scenarios if you are undecided. Keep in mind that some destinations are cheaper depending on the time of year (see the section below on timing!). Therefore, you need to do your research and find out the cheapest time to visit your dream destination.

Your travel party

If you are travelling with other people, such as family or friends, you need to account for their needs and input throughout the decision-making process. For instance, you might prefer to go skydiving when the rest of the family wants to visit the beach or go to the safari. Here, you have to prioritize and be considerate.


How much time can you really set aside? A week? A month? This all really depends on how much time you can take off from work. There are certain destinations that need plenty of time for the wanderlust and imagination to settle - the ones that you would feel really terrible if you had to rush the experience. Based on the amount of free time that you have, you should then proceed to reduce your list.


Timing is not the same as duration. It has to do with the seasons, the political climate of the destination and similar factors. When looking at the timing as a consideration, what you are really after is convenience and price. Some destinations are cheaper at certain times of the year. Look for the destinations with the least convenience and strike them off the list.

As a super tip, never book your flights and hotels on the weekend. It has been proven that flights and hotels are usually cheaper when booked on a Tuesday! Also don’t forget to look out for flight operator promotions. We will cover this in a separate post =).


What you aim to do is key in deciding what you want as a destination. Are you looking for some adrenaline induced activity or a calm period where you just go to relax? Perhaps all you want is to take in the scenery and let your imagination roam. Based on the activity that you feel you need, you should then strike the unsuitable destinations off the list.

If you need help deciding on the best destination to visit, then download our Free Checklist to choosing a travel destination (Coming Soon!).

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