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Top 5 Destinations to Visit This March

February 19, 2017

Top 5 Destinations to Visit This March

March is a perfect time to travel. Winter is coming to end and the wet, humid and cold weather is clearing to part ways for the warm weather of spring. Travel in March is also considerably affordable, especially right before the Easter frenzy.


Mexico landscapeMainstream media doesn't do Mexico much justice in terms of publicity. But it has so much more to offer than what you normally see in movies or on the news. With virtually no rain or humidity and average temperature highs of about 260 C, Mexico is one of the best destinations to visit in March. You can ride the calm waves or go whale watching during the day, stare at the clear skies during the night or just get a tan on the beautiful beaches of its Pacific Coast. The low costs also make it a great shopping destination, if that’s your thing.


Jamaica - The Caribbean Islands at sunrise In general, the Caribbean Islands are an amazing holiday destination in March, with Jamaica being one of the best of them all. With average temperature highs of about 290 C and very affordable accommodation, Jamaica is a perfect March destination. This is where you should go to lay on the beach and relax or take a surf if you want to immerse yourself in a little activity.


Egypt PyramicsWith Egypt being a desert country and all, you would expect it to be hot all through. However, March is one of the cool months with temperatures being warm enough to brush off the chill of winter, but not so hot as to burn off your skin. You can expect average temperature highs of circa 240 C and very little if any, rainfall. This is the perfect time to explore the streets of Cairo, learn about the culture, visit the pyramids, see a mummy or two, buy souvenirs and enjoy the warm African sun. Or you can head on to Sharm el-Sheikh and explore the beautiful Egyptian beaches.


Stunning Vietnam SunsetWith average temperate highs of about 220 C, and very low humidity, March is the perfect time of year to explore Vietnam. Explore the archaic infrastructure, find hidden routes and ruins or just marvel at the beautiful pagodas. While you are there, treat yourself to the cow racing festival in An Giang or the Perfume Pagoda festival held a few kilometers south of Hanoi.


Spain - Gran Canary Islands stunning viewThere isn't much to do in Spain during March, but it is very affordable. This is the perfect time to visit, sample and explore the marvels of the Canary Islands and most especially Gran Canaria, Tenerife and so many others. The temperature, at an average high of about 210 C, is just ideally warm for outdoor relaxation and exploration.

March is not that time of year to be looking for extreme activities and fun, it is all about laying back, relaxing and lazing in the sun or taking a calm stroll on a beach or exploring. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and let your imaginations take over whilst you explore the world.

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