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Top 5 Destinations to Visit in May

April 16, 2017

Top five destinations to visit in May

May in most places is a moderately warm and dry month, making it ideal for travel to enjoy outdoor events and the warmth. Here are some of our experts top destinations to visit in May:


With the rainy season having come to an end, May is a particularly opportune time to visit Peru. The average temperature range is between 170C - 220C, though some places, such as Machu Picchu might be considerably cooler. Peru is also considerably cheaper at this time of year compared to other destinations in the world, especially in Lima.


If you love horses, races and the thrill of competition, then Kentucky is the place to be in May. The Kentucky Derby draws in people from all around the world and you have to book beforehand to make sure you get tickets. The prices and accommodation at this time of year are higher and harder to get, respectively, so make early reservations. The average temperature range is between 100C - 250C, and you should expect light showers.


The weather in Greece during the month of May is perfect for travel at an average temperature range of between 170C - 230C and with virtually no rainfall. The prices are also very affordable in May but they tend to dramatically shoot up in June, so keep your travel short. Some of the best destinations include Athens, Crete, Rhodes and the Island of Crete. 


Canada has so much to offer in the month of May. The snowfall in ski resorts is especially high, making for a wonderful ski experience, there are countless sights to see and events to follow including the KEE to Bala, which hosts concerts on Lake Muskoka. This is also an ideal time to go whale watching, see the famed Niagara Falls, Banff National Park, among other sites. The temperatures are considerably low, averaging between 40C - 180C in most places but that shouldn't deter you from having fun, especially considering this is one of the warmer months, there are fewer people and the costs are low.


Located between Europe and Africa, this beautiful country is the perfect place to be in May. The average temperature range is between 170C - 230C, which is warm but not as hot as the summer heat. It's also fairly dry except for 2 - 3 rainy days. There are dozens of sites you could visit from caves, lagoons, pre-historic buildings, archeological sites, among others or you could just lay back and enjoy the warm sun on a fine white sand beach.

Remember to make sure that you visit the top destinations in each country if you're pressed for time. For some, such as Machu Picchu, however, you will have to book beforehand because there's limited access.

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