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Top 5 Destinations to Visit in April

March 25, 2017

If you plan to travel in April, you should plan early to avoid getting caught up in the confusions brought about by the Easter festivities. Expect the prices to be higher once you get closer to Easter and the hotels harder to get a reservation, but not as much as in the summer. The weather in most places is ideal, what with it being spring in the North and fall in the South, but you can expect some showers. Here are some of the best countries to satisfy your wanderlust in April.


Cyprus offers an amazing destination to satisfy your raging wanderlust in April. This beautiful island offers a little bit of everything for the entire family. You can spend your days on the warm clear beaches or explore the historic landmarks and sights with your family during the day and enough places to adventure to during the night. The landscape in April is very green, full of light, life, color and fragrance from flowers, herbs, and other plants. The average day temperate range is between 210C - 240C but it gets a little chilly during the night with an average temperature range of between 100C - 130C. Expect the highland regions to be cooler.


If you are interested in a cool holiday, then Switzerland, with its low average temperature range of between 50C - 150C, should be perfect. You can enjoy the majesty of nature, the culture of the people, become more active and take hikes or ski trips and so much more.


April is the ideal time to visit this African desert country that is normally scorching. The temperatures are warm at an average range of between 130C - 260C, and with very light showers. Take a safari to enjoy the robust wildlife, explore the Namib desert, take up outdoor sports and adventures or just sit back and enjoy the clean, refreshing air and excellent service.


If the budget is not your topmost concern, then Florida is where you should head for your April holiday. The average temperate range is between 160C - 280C, which is ideal for outdoor adventure. Whether you are interested in extreme sports and adventure, relaxing beach experiences, calming nature explorations or just chilling out, Florida has it all. Not to mention the exquisite resorts and hotels offering world-class cuisines and service.


Where the budget is a concern, Morocco presents a great solution. The average temperature range is between 130C - 270C, with light showers. You can enjoy the culture, archaic architecture, clear sandy beaches and so much more. Expect it to be a little crowded as more people take advantage of the affordable pricing, perfect holiday weather, and beautiful scenery.

April presents an ideal travel solution for all kinds of travelers. Whether you want warm or cold weather, extreme sports, and adventure, relaxing and lazing around, learning more about a different culture and so much more, there is a destination for everyone.

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