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Top 5 Countries To Visit In January

January 14, 2017

January might not seem like an opportune time to channel the wanderlust for most people, which is what makes it so perfect for you. January is that time of the year when all the holiday excitement and its associated wanderlust have faded away and people are more concerned with getting back to their normal schedules. For that reason, you find fewer people traveling to destinations around the world, which means cheaper travel costs and accommodation in five-star hotels that would normally cost you an arm and a leg. The issue then becomes where exactly you should let your imagination take you.


January in Australia starts loud, filled with fun and excitement. If you plan ahead, you can be there just in time to see the famed New Year fireworks display in Sydney. That, however, is not the main reason that you should head out to Australia in January. Instead, do it for the warm beaches. January is that time of the year when the crowds are thin, the heat is moderate, the accommodation is exquisite and affordable and you can have as much fun as you want without worry or regret. Just let you imagination soar and enjoy each accompanying moment.


The major reason you should go to China during the cold month of January is for the Ice and Snow Festival. This is an experience that you definitely do not want to miss out on. You will get the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful ice sculptures in the world and if you are enthusiastic enough, with a wild and creative imagination, you might even get a chance to build your own.






January is one of the coldest months in Austria, which means particularly high snow levels. This makes it the perfect time of the year to go skiing and snowboarding. The affordable rates also mean that you get to enjoy a lavish experience in 5-star hotels and ski resorts. That said, Vienna becomes a world-class stage for some of the most beautiful balls you will ever see, a definite awe-inspiring experience for dance lovers. There are over three hundred classical balls held in celebration of the Fasching Season and you could either watch or participate to your own delight.

South Africa

South Africa offers a little piece of tropical heaven. The weather is just hot enough for an outdoor experience that doesn't leave you scathed, the beaches are not crowded and the accommodation is affordable. Not to mention the Safari adventures that you get out of a trip to South Africa by visiting National Parks and having an up-close experience with the stunning wildlife and scenary. A picture perfect moment you don’t want to miss.




Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar is yet another exquisite destination to visit in January. The temperatures are moderately hot and there is no rainfall, which is great weather for an outdoor adventure. You can take a river cruise or a hot air balloon ride with an aerial view of the magnificent sculptures and structures in Myanmar. Visit stunning palaces and admire the architectural might of the Burmese people as evidenced by their pagodas.

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