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2017: The Year of More Travel

December 31, 2016

The decision to have travel as one of your New Year resolutions is probably the best you will make this year. Of course, having a resolution does not guarantee that you will actually travel, so you need to follow through for this in order for it to be a great decision on your part. Whether you travel is dependent on how well your travel resolution is planned and the amount of commitment you have to this particular wanderlust. There are certain fundamental aspects that you need to nail down before you can claim to have a solid New Year travel resolution.

The Specificity Of The Resolution

Many resolutions fail because they are not specific enough and that is something you should avoid at all costs. If you had to compare two resolutions, one to travel to Asia and the other to China, the resolution to travel to Asia sounds vague and indecisive. Are you really sure you will travel to Asia at all? Where in Asia do you even plan on visiting? However, travelling to China sounds specific and actionable. From that resolution, you can form a more concrete plan such as what you intend to see in China, your travel plans, your accommodation and your budget.

Your Commitment To The Resolution

When we make resolutions, we are well aware that there are those resolutions that we will strive to achieve and those that we wouldn't lose sleep over if they were not achieved. You have to decide where the New Year travel resolution falls. Is this the kind of wanderlust that you would give your heart to achieve, or is it just an imagination that you wouldn't mind not achieving? At the end of the day, commitment is key, because we all know planning for a trip can be tedious and the desire to give up might be a strong occurrence through the whole process.


An idea without an actionable plan is just a string of meaningless words. If you make and commit to the resolution to travel, then you need to plan for that eventuality. First, you need to research your destination exhaustively. For instance, what is the best time to visit your choice destination? How long should you stay? What do you hope to see/experience? What is the best accommodation? What will be the overall budget? How and what do you pack? With such information, you can plan accordingly. We understand the strain and stress associated with packing, which is why we have produced a concise travel packing guide to help ease the pressure.

If you are unsure of what and how to pack for your destination, make sure to download our FREE travel packing guide (coming soon). Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to find out when it is released.

Improving Your Veteran Travel Experience

Frequent travelers are also not exempt from making New Year resolutions. For you veterans there is a vast variety of things that you can make a resolution to do or improve. Here are a few:

  • Take better pictures – How many times have you looked at a picture you've taken on a trip only to realize once the moment has gone that you should have done better? Taking pictures is an art. Learn the art and master it! Remember a picture says a thousand words, not only of the scenery but of the photographer too!
  • Learn a new language – How many times have you visited the same place only to still be baffled by what the locals are saying? Make this the year to learn a new language. It only takes an average of 720 hours to master a new language and improve your travel experience as a result.
  • Make new friends – When was the last time you made friends with a local that you met on your adventure? Can't remember? Then why not make friends with a local villager and learn their customs while you're there. Leverage the power of social media while you're at it, for instance through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, among others.
  • Try local cuisines – One of the most enjoyable things about visiting new places is immersing yourself in the culture and of course, eating their cuisine. However, many are unfortunately afraid of trying new things. Next time you're on your travels, why not visit a popular restaurant serving local cuisine and immerse yourself in their tradition.
  • Keep fit – Notice that sometimes when you return from tips you've put on weight? Traveling can often find people (at least me) junking a bit more than usual resulting in weight gain. There's always a wide variety of food to eat but you must enjoy in moderation. If moderation fails, don't forget to workout even if you have to turn to workout videos on YouTube. Alternatively, you could jog every morning for 15 - 20 minutes.
  • Write a blog – Let the world know about your adventures. A blog is a great way to let yourself loose. You don’t need to be a great writer to start a blog. Who knows, you might just become the next big thing!

Making a travel resolution is something that most of us don't consider because we would rather put off travel as a long-term goal, rather than try to achieve it when the moment arises. You should learn to cease the moment. Travel, while you can still hike and swim with the dolphins and the best time to do that, is this year! Take advantage and travel to all those places you have always visited in your imagination.

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