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An Experts Guide To Solo Traveling

March 05, 2017

Traveling solo has its perks but it is not without its fair share of issues and underlying concerns. This is especially so if it is your first time traveling solo. While traveling solo, you have to keep your head about you the entire time, while also trying to have fun. How then do you go about having fun while being solely responsible for yourself? We’ve got together with some of the greatest solo travellers around and bought you their best tips!

Make a thorough plan

A plan is an important part of any travel, whether you are alone or not. When alone, however, make sure that your plan centers on safety and comfort. For instance, if you aren't proficient in the local language, then you know that you will have a hard time moving around, making accommodations and such, which will also make you a more vulnerable target for such things as theft. Cover all the bases when planning and make contingencies for your other plans, just in case things don't go to plan - and they rarely ever do.

Know your strengths and weaknesses

You have to understand what you are good at and what you suck at. In doing so, you can make better travel plans. For instance, if you are terrible at speaking Spanish, but are great with French, then your destination should not be a place where the main language is Spanish but French. Although don’t overlook the Spanish speaking countries altogether, keep it for next time once you’ve built up some confidence!

Let a friend or family member know of your whereabouts

Traveling alone might be about experiencing freedom but it would be a grave mistake to shut out those back at home. Make sure that you maintain constant communication with someone so that in the event that something happens, pertinent information is relayed to the relevant authorities.

Be friendly but cautious

This might be difficult to pull off since in most instances, one is either cautious or friendly but not both. When traveling solo, it is okay to engage other people and make friends. However, a certain amount of restraint is necessary. Do not go on to tell them everything there is to know about you, such as your net worth. Information that could compromise your safety or increase the risk of harm should be secret.

Don't make it too obvious that you are a solo traveler

You are a greater target for mischief and ulterior motive if people can tell that you are traveling alone. Make it a little difficult for people to know that you are traveling alone. For instance, if you ask for directions, mention that you are heading to meet friends.

Traveling alone is exciting, but much as you should have all the fun in the world, you should not overdo it. Watch yourself and those around you. If things get dicey, just retreat to your hotel.

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