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Why You Need A Great Pair of Shoes for Traveling

April 11, 2018

Sрring iѕ here, and we're itсhing tо gеt our trаvеl on! Thеrе'ѕ nоthing quite likе thе thrill оf getting away from thе еvеrуdау rоutinе оf ѕсhооl оr thе оffiсе tо trаvеl somewhere nеw, еxсiting or juѕt рlаin rеlаxing. And fоr mаnу оf uѕ girls, with ѕрring brеаk оr timе оff just on thе hоrizоn, we've аlrеаdу begun ѕhоррing fоr cute clothes аnd accessories tо расk fоr оur triр.

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Top 5 Destinations to Visit in May

April 16, 2017

Top five destinations to visit in May

May in most places is a moderately warm and dry month, making it ideal for travel to enjoy outdoor events and the warmth. Here are some of our experts top destinations to visit in May:

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10 Reasons You Should Travel

April 09, 2017

When you find yourself making excuses to justify why you shouldn't travel, then you have the wrong outlook on travelling and travel itself. Travel offers so much more than just the opportunity to see different places and meet different people from around the world. Here are 10 reasons from our travel experts at Imagination Travel for why everyone should take up travel.

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Top 5 Destinations to Visit in April

March 25, 2017

If you plan to travel in April, you should plan early to avoid getting caught up in the confusions brought about by the Easter festivities. Expect the prices to be higher once you get closer to Easter and the hotels harder to get a reservation, but not as much as in the summer. The weather in most places is ideal, what with it being spring in the North and fall in the South, but you can expect some showers. Here are some of the best countries to satisfy your wanderlust in April.

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FREE Ultimate Travel Checklist

March 12, 2017


Download your Free copy of the Imagination Travels Ultimate Travel Checklist. Never Forget Anything Ever Again!

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An Experts Guide To Solo Traveling

March 05, 2017

Traveling solo has its perks but it is not without its fair share of issues and underlying concerns. This is especially so if it is your first time traveling solo. While traveling solo, you have to keep your head about you the entire time, while also trying to have fun. How then do you go about having fun while being solely responsible for yourself? We’ve got together with some of the greatest solo travellers around and bought you their best tips!

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